2017 in figures

What was SSPF's financial position in 2017? What changed in the pension scheme? How did the funding ratio develop? You will get the answer to this and other questions in our abridged annual report.

The main developments in 2017
• Our financial position improved
• We were able to increase pensions
• We worked on creating one pension window for all SSPF and SNPS participants.

Watch the short video with our chairman, Garmt Louw.


The year in numbers

Number of participants accruing pension


8,949 in 2016

Number of pension beneficiaries


20,347 in 2016

Number of former participants


6,067 in 2016

Further consolidation of our financial position

Policy funding ratio in 2017

Total contributions paid

€ 119 million

Total pensions in payment

€ 747 million

Funding ratio
Funding ratio 129%
Pension liabilities
€ 21,814 million
Total capital
€ 28,116 million

As of 1 February 2017 the pension fund increased the pensions in payment by 0.6%.

The pension fund's financial position showed a further improvement. This enabled us to further increase pensions in payment by 1.5%. We were also able to grant the remaining catch-up indexation of 1.1%.

Our investments

Composition of our investment portfolio
Total: 28.116
  • Shares
  • Fixed securities
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Other return seeking assets
  • Matching assets
  • Liquidity asset
Return on investment portfolio


1,493 million

The changes in your pension plan

Since 1 January, 2017 we only administer one pension scheme, i.e. the scheme included in our VI Regulations. The constitution has been brought into line with this as of 1 January 2017.


Increased use of online communication

In 2017 we set up the pension portal 'Mijn Shell-pensioen' on the website. In this personal and secure environment you can view your personal pension situation. In 2018 we will make the portal accessible to all participants.

Once again positive scores in the 2017 BOP-study
Score by active participants 7,5 / Score by pension beneficiaries 8,2


Who takes care of your pension?


From left to right: Piet Hein Deiters, Janneke Abels, Erik Werner, Caroline Hes, Paul Morshuis, Bas van der Leer, Frank Lemmink

Our pension fund’s objective is to achieve an adequate pension for all our participants, now and in the future. Our aim, therefore, is to achieve good investment results without irresponsible risks.

Annual report SSPF 2017
SSPF Annual report 2017